Direct Boxes & Splitters

Direct Boxes, also know as D.I. boxes are for taking unbalanced, instrument-level signals from guitars, keyboards and drum machines and converting (or injecting) them into balanced, low-impedance signals optimized for long cable runs into consoles and interfaces.

D.I. boxes can be passive or they can be active, typically requiring a 48V phantom signal for their power.  Direct Boxes were traditionally one-channel devices but are now commonly available in two-channel and 8 channel varieties. 

The cost of direct boxes is somewhat reflected by the brand transformer utilized.  For instance, some Radial direct boxes incorporate the well-respected Jensen transformer brand which costs a bit more.

Tidepool Audio carries direct boxes and signal splitters from Radial Designs, Ebtech, Phoenix Audio, LaChapell Audio and Rupert Neve Designs (RND).