Radial J+4 Line Driver interface

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Balanced -10dB to +4dB Signal Driver

The Radial J+4 is a stereo interface designed to accept unbalanced low output devices such as instruments, computers or mobile devices and boost their signal to a balanced +4dB level for connection to professional audio recording and playback equipment.

  • Stereo preamp boost signals to +4dB balanced line level
  • Increases gain for low output instruments & music players
  • Transformer isolated to eliminate noise caused by ground loops
  • Multiple input connector options to interface with any device

Boost & balance any stereo signal

The J+4 allows you to boost nearly any stereo signal up to a +4dB balanced line level output, which can be sent over long distances without signal loss and connected directly to pro audio equipment such as mixers or DAW recording interfaces. Multiple input connectors are available for integration with a variety of devices, including a set of ¼" jacks for DJ mixers or keyboards, RCA jacks for CD players and a mini 3.5mm jack for smartphones and tablets. The J+4 delivers exceptional sonic performance, able to provide clean gain and eliminate noise by combining the advantages of active signal buffering with transformer isolation.