Radial Twin-Iso Two Channel Line Level Isolator

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  • Stereo isolator, withstands up to +21dB without distortion
  • Eliminates hum and buzz caused by ground loops
  • Suitable for balanced & unbalanced signals
  • Exceptionally linear response from 20Hz to 20kHz

The Radial Twin-Iso is a high performance two-channel balanced line-level isolator for professional touring, sound installations, broadcast and studio that provides isolation between various pieces of audio equipment such as consoles, amp racks, remote towers and recorders as a means of eliminating hum and buzz caused by ground loops.

Central to the Twin-Iso are premium Jensen® transformers. These industry-leading audio transformers deliver an exceptionally linear response at all frequencies and are capable of handling as much as +21dB without distortion. Placed in between the audio source and destination, they assure absolute signal integrity is retained no matter what the program material.

As with all Radial products, the Twin-Iso is road-ready to handle the most abusive environments. It features 14-gauge steel I-beam construction and an innovative bookend design that creates a protective zone around the switches and connectors. A full bottom no-slip pad provides mechanical isolation from vibrations while adding electrical insulation between electrically charged devices. When combined with the J-Rak™ or J-Clamp™, the Twin-Iso easily integrates into 19" rack systems or may be permanently mounted inside racks or under podiums.

The Radial Twin-Iso solves noise problems with plug & play simplicity while delivering exceptional audio signal integrity.

Radial Twin-Iso Applications

Using the Twin Iso to isolate two mixers

Isolating two mixers is common practice in live touring as it allows the opening act to set their mix and feed it into the main act's console. By isolating the two, you eliminate the potential for ground hum and buzz caused by ground loops.

Using the Twin-Iso on the amp rack

A common problem is the noise encountered when connecting two pieces of gear that may be powered on a different audio circuit. The Twin-Iso easily solves the problem by isolating the input from the output of the other device.

Using the Twin Iso to eliminate noise

In the studio, you sometimes come across old vintage gear that may sound great, but due to less than ideal grounding may introduce noise. The Radial Twin-Iso is equipped with ground loops and 100% isolation to eliminate these types of problems.