Burl Audio

Burl Audio is a Sata Cruz, CA area based company that specializes in natural, organic-sounding audio converters used in producing, recording and reproducing music.  

For years people have enjoyed the benefits provided by digital audio: wide dynamic range, frequency reproduction from DC to well above 20k, low-crosstalk between adjacent channels, consistent frequency response and low distortion figures - but not all musicians & listeners appreciate (or will even tolerate) what can be perceived as a glare on the top end or a lack of bottom end compared to analog music mediums of the past.

Burl provides analog to digital conversion (ADC) and digital to analog conversion (DAC) in two-channel formats (B2 ADC and B2 DAC), and in modular formats which are designed for use in their 80-channel capable B80 Mothership rack and the new, smaller B16 Mothership Chassis which is designed to handle up to 16 channels of conversion.

In addition to their digital-based converter products, Burl Audio also offers audio production products that are strictly analog.

The Burl Vancouver B32 32x2 Summing Mixer should be considered in place of using aging, creaky mixing consoles that likely require regular maintenance and may exhibit buzzes and hums.

The Burl B26 Orca Control Room Monitor ties together all the analog elements that have been summed for critical monitoring and control of speakers and headphones.

Burl Audio begins their audio excellence upstream with their B1 and B1D microphone preamps which are transformer coupled on the input and the output for rugged galvanic properties - as well as bringing the beef!

Please call if you've been considering taking the sound of your studio up to the next step.  We're happy to provide consultation and price quotes on Burl Audio products!