Acoustic Treatments for Project Studio and Audiophile Listening Rooms

Acoustic treatment products for recording studios, music practice rooms and commercial spaces such as boardrooms, conference rooms and restaurants where better, clearer acoustics provide tangible benefit (people can hear each other talk!) are available from Portland's Tidepool Audio.  

We've been supplying acoustic panels, studio gobos, diffusers and bass traps for years to musicians wanting better-sounding rooms for recording and playing, and for audiophiles who wish to extract the most performance from their sizable investment in music and reproduction equipment.  Home theaters can benefit greatly from controlling excessive reverberation and bass build-up that can ruin the soundtracks from high-definition movie soundtracks.

Things aren't like in the old days when people stapled egg crates and hideous foam padding to their walls.  Today an industry that supplies good-looking acoustical treatment products with verifiable results is readily available. We go to Primacoustic and Vicoustic for room treatment product solutions.

And don't forget: since we're in Oregon, there's no sale tax, no matter where you reside!