Schoeps Microphones

Schoeps Microphones are professional audio tools for discriminating musicians, engineers and producers.  Their best-known offerings are from their 'Colette' series, which are comprised of preamp/bodies and microphone capsules that users select for given applications.  Users choose a particular pickup pattern, be it cardioid, wide cardioid, hyper-cardioid or  three different omni microphone capsules. Tidepool Audio has carried Schoeps microphones for over ten years and can help you pick out the appropriate Schoeps microphone for your application.

Schoeps microphone capsules are offered with differing frequency response curves to complement the pickup pattern dictated by the mic'ing application at hand.  For instance, an engineer may choose to use an omni with a bit of rise on the top end if distance mic'ing in a hall or church is the main priority or potentially opt for a capsule with a flatter top-end response when close-in or 'spot' instrument mic'ing.  Of course some may choose to use a Schoeps microphone capsule with a discernable rise - even when close up to convey a hyper-detailed representation of a particular music instrument's timbre.

Schoeps Colette Microphones are sold in Mono Sets and Matched Stereo Sets which include a CMC6 preamp, capsule, stand adapter and windscreen, all housed in a handsome and protective wood box.