Heritage Audio

Heritage Audio tips their hat to certain sought-after revered British solid-state circuit designs and has them hand-built in Spain using period correct components, transformers, etc - and for relatively modest prices too!

The Heritage Audio HA73EQX2 two-channel mic preamp/d.i. with EQ is a cornerstone piece for any studio.  A great piece of gear for sources captured by one or two mics, each with it's own adjustable equalizer.  Frequency bands are musically-useful and beyond what many expect from a circuit derived from a classic.

For engineers who do not require on-board EQ, there is the Heritage Audio HA-73X2 Elite Dual Mic Preamp.  In addition to mic preamps, it also has a d.i. input on each channel.

In addition to those items, Heritage Audio has other single-channel and dual-channel audio production gear, both preamps and a master bus compressor, the Successor.