LaChapell Audio

High-quality tube electronics are noted for their high-fidelity reproduction - they sound just like the source you're mic'ing, just a little bit sweeter, and generally in the upper treble reaches, on the top end.  This is the kind of sound we feel LaChapell Audio brings to your productions.

LaChapell 992EG two-channel mic preamp uses a total of 8 tubes for it's luxurious smooth tonal palette.

LaChapell 983S two-channel mic preamp maintains the dual-drive characteristic of it's bigger bother the 992, but in a streamlined, more value-conscious 1 RU chassis.

LaChapell 583S Mk2 is the world's first 500-Series tube mic preamp to power the tube with a full 250 volts.

LaChapell 503 Ultra Clean 500-Series 3-Band EQ has very low distortion and low phase shift.

LaChapell 500 TDI 500-series tube direct box drives it's tube with sufficient voltage to get rich, detailed sound from your instrument.

Some people are looking for tube audio electronics to sweeten and/or soften the sounds they're recording with microphones, but it can come with a price: lesser-quality tube electronics sometimes have a tube added in to the circuit pretty much for window dressing.  Some of these designs are referred to as 'starved-plate' designs.  You've probably seen some of them in large chain music stores.  There is generally nothing 'sweet' about the sound they produce.