Audio Converters & DAW Interfaces

About Audio Interfaces

An audio interface is the main component and hub to interface your instruments/sources/recording hardware with your computer to form a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). DAW interfaces can have various types and amounts of connectivity for inputs, outputs and digital connectivity.

A/D analog to digital conversion

D/A digital to analog conversion

Audio Interfaces at Tidepool Audio

Tidepool Audio has audio interfaces that fall into a number of different categories and/or have differing digital connectivity.  For example, USB, Thunderbolt, PCI, DANTE and AES are different types of digital connectivity.  It can be overwhelming selecting which DAW audio interface is going to be the most useful & cost-effective compliment for your project studio, be it a desktop operation or a full-blown multi-room facility. Need help deciding on an Audio Interface for your DAW? Contact Tidepool Audio and we'll be happy to help you select the Audio Interface that will best meet your needs and budget.

Audio Interface Brands

Tidepool Audio carries Audio Interfaces & digital audio converters from a number of different brands, including Audient, Apogee, Black Lion Audio, Burl, Crane Song, Ferrofish, Lynx, Metric Halo, RME, SPL and Universal Audio.