Rental Gear

Tidepool Audio Recording Studio Rental Gear in Portland Oregon - prices do not include shipping 

***There is a $100 minimum rental fee***


Microphones for Rent

Neumann U87ai large diaphram condensor microphone $100 day, $175/week 

AEA R84 ribbon microphone  $75 day, $100/week

ribbon microphone pair  $100/day, $150/week

Schoeps Stereo Set pair small-diaphram microphones, supplied with your choice of cardioid or omni capsules - $150/day, $225/week


Preamp, Compressor Limiter & EQ for rent

Great River MP-2NV two-channel mic preamp/d.i. - $75/day, $150/week

Forssell custom two-channel solid-state mic preamp - $75/day, $150/week


Terms & Specifics about renting pro audio equipment from Tidepool

Rent an item and if you decide to buy a new one (within 30 days), we'll apply your full rental fee to  your purchase.  You may apply one rental toward purchase.  Rental item must be in same category - if you rent a LDC mic, your rental fee applies toward the purchase of a regular price LDC mic.

Cancellations: Reservations canceled within 48 hours from scheduled rental time will not be refunded and will forfeit deposit. We will refund full deposits for rentals canceled with greater than 48-hour notice.

Late Return:
 Late returns (after 10 am) will be charged an additional day's fee.

We're happy to rent outside our local Portland, OR area but remember to factor shipping into your budget.  Client pays all round-trip shipping charges.  Your rental period is from the day it leaves our facility to the day we receive it back.

You need a valid driver's license to rent.  We will need to have a pic of your license.  Rentals that are shipped must match the address on your license.

If you rent a $1000 item, in addition to the rental fee, we also put a hold on your card for the value of the item (in this case $1000), and release it when the item has been returned in good shape.  If you're local & don't want to tie up your card, you're welcome to leave a cash deposit.  Either way, we have to be covered for the value of the goods.

All rentals are handled over the phone or email to confirm availability.  We do not rent items directly off the website.