Vovox Premium Audio Cables

Our goal is the creation of the perfect sound conductor: one cannot hear its existence. It must not blur the sound or cover up any part of it. It must not add any color. All it has to be is a true link between the listener and music in its purest form!

We don’t produce “Jazz” or “Rock” cables, altering sound according to specific musical styles. Musicians and sound engineers should be creative. Cables, however, have only one task: to transmit sound signals without any loss.

The most important question for us is how one can eliminate negative influences on signal transmissions most efficiently and absolutely. It is not our aim to compensate loss or conceal disturbances with complex cable constructions. On the contrary, we do everything we can to prevent such flaws from arising. We try to find the source of adverse influences in order to be able to eliminate them as effectively as possible. Our concept of reduction leads to cable constructions which amaze at first due to their simplicity, but will convince after having hearing the first notes.

We firmly believe that solid wires are better conductors for audio signals than stranded wires. You will find that the resulting sound speaks for itself. Material science also supports this aspect: solid wires have a smaller surface area, fewer impurities, and fewer undesirable interactions.

The crystalline structure of the copper is also crucial. The size, shape and orientation of the copper crystallites have an audible effect on the sound. Ensuring the most optimal crystal structure, is one of our key competences.

Each conductors within a cable must fulfill specific functions. In most cables, the shielding braid is also used as the return signal conductor. This is not an option for us. We consequently separate these functions. Therefore we use an additional conductor for the return signal (i.e. audio ground). This may be in a more complex construction, yet it results clearly in better sound quality.