Dutch & Dutch

Dutch and Dutch has seemingly come out of nowhere to produce one of the most highly-regarded speakers designs in the last ten years, the D&D Model 8C.  Taking both the music production world and audiophile world by storm, the 8C Studio active monitors must be heard to be believed.

From what looks like a conventional (though very handsome) cabinet, the D&D 8C monitor has two forward-facing drivers: an 8" mid driver and a 1" driver for the top end.  On the back side there are two 8" low/sub frequency drivers that, using the rear boundary, are timed to be in sync with the forward-facing drivers.  Each driver is powered by a separate 250 watt amplifier for huge headroom and low-frequency extension (down just 1dB at 30 Hz.)  The AES/EBU digital input connection can be toggled to analog by pressing a button.

In addition to  the D&D 8C aimed at the audiophile market, Dutch Dutch offers the 8C Studio monitor speaker.  The 8C Studio version omits Ethernet connectivity. The 8C Studio is encased in an MDF cabinet that is painted black.  It has fittings to allow flying the 8C Studio in addition to the more conventional placement which is upon (optional) floor stands.