Josephson Engineering Microphones

Josephson Engineering is a microphone company based in Santa Cruz California that is owned and operated by a small group of engineers dedicated to the advancement of transducer technology.  Josephson is one of the few American pro audio companies that does the bulk of their designing, testing and manufacturing in their own facilities - which include an honest-to-goodness anechoic chamber!

There are many microphone companies vying to be the mic flavor of the moment with impressionable musicians by paying for product placement with artists who are happy to be product shills, and with media influencers who apparently love just about everything on their social media accounts!  Josephson refuses to play these marketing schemes and instead focuses on delivering cutting-edge specifications and first-rate build quality.

As one of the largest Josephson Engineering microphone dealers in the world, people come to Tidepool Audio for application-specific advice on choosing the right microphone for the job.  We have most Josephson microphone models in stock for immediate shipment.