E.Q. Equalizers

Shop & discover our wide selection of audio equalizers and EQs for pro audio recording available online at Tidepool Audio!  Featuring parametric & graphic equalizers with solid-state & tube circuitry in 19" rack & 500 series formats.  

Some equalizers are available in so-called 'Mastering' versions.  These EQs generally offer repeatability of each switch position for the discerning mastering environment where every dB of sweetening can be documented and recalled by the use of 'stepped' pots.

Though Tidepool Audio has historically focused on tools employed by musicians and recording studios producing music, audiophiles are becoming more open to the idea of judiciously sweetening the sound of their stereo systems with high-quality equalization.

We carry single-channel and stereo EQs from Alta Moda, api, Chandler Ltd, Crane Song, Great River, Maag, Phoenix Audio, Rupert Neve Designs, and Warm Audio.

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