Millennia Media

California-based Millennia Media is best known for their pristine microphone preamps that are held in the highest regard in recording acoustic music - both in the classical and world and in jazz markets. equalizers and limiters.

From singer-songwriters outfitting their quality home project recording studio to the serious location recordist capturing the sound of choirs and orchestras, Millennia is a top-level audio equipment solution.

A leader in critical audio recording products for 25 years, Millennia gear is used by the most discriminating clients worldwide in classical music recording, studio recording, film scoring, sampling, live sound, acoustic music, mastering, archiving, and acoustic research.

With over 30 industry awards, 40,000+ channels in use, and thousands of top industry clients, Millennia continues to set precedent in dynamically stable, timbre-neutral audio paths, from microphone capture to consumer delivery. In the world’s great symphony halls, to the Library of Congress, from Hollywood’s top scoring stages, to countless recording, post and mastering rooms – Millennia has likely played a role in some of the music you’ve listened to today.