Rycote Microphone Shock Mounts and Windscreens

Rycote Invision microphone shock mounts and accessories are developed especially for musicians and recording studios.  Rycote is perhaps best known in the film, video and ENG markets where ruggedness, ease of use and low weight are all-important when budgets are high and the results absolutely cannot be compromised.

Innovations like replacing stretchy bands (as used on conventional microphone mounts) with a durable, much longer-lasting elastomer will be appreciated when your prized mics no longer sag in their cages!  In addition to shock mounts, Rycote's Invision line of items also include highly effective pop screens to guard against wind blast and plosives.

Tidepool carries the entire Rycote line of microphone holders, shock mounts and wind screens - let us know if you want to order something you don't see here.  Tidepool generally stocks the Invision USM Universal Studio Microphone Mount, the Invision INV-7 suspension Mount for smaller mics and the Invision Studio Kit USM shock mount with integral pop filter.