AEA Microphones

AEA microphones are hand-built in Pasadena California.  AEA is an acronym for Audio Engineering Associates.  The name is fitting because the company is a corp of ribbon mic enthusiasts founded by Wes Dooley.  Wes is known to the Southern California/Hollywood pro studio community as the go-to guy when it comes to refurbishing iconic pre-war RCA ribbon microphones.  From this background, Wes created a line of ribbon mics and electronics that moved the bar forward in terms of audio fidelity and reliability. 

For musicians and singers who maybe have not had the pleasure of hearing their instrument or voice picked up by a high-fidelity ribbon microphone, the smooth, relaxed top end, round, forward mids and generous bottom end can be a revelation.

From the passive R44, R84, R88 and R92 mics to the latest active Nuvo N22, N8 and the KU5A supercardioid ribbon designed to handle the rigors of the road, an AEA mic is one of the most solid equipment choices a musician or project studio owner can make as a long-term investment.