Project Studio Furniture and Racks

Having the right studio desk in your project studio can make all the difference in your work flow.  Generally you'll need a dedicated keyboard tray, a place to put a keyboard controller or synth, a place to put one or two video monitors and sections (elevated or not) to accommodate (at least) one pair of studio monitors.  It'd also be nice if the surface is large enough for you to comfortably take notes and have a place for phones and tablets too.

In addition to the minimum requirements listed above, having places to put any racked outboard mic preamps or other outboard gear such as stereo EQ, master buss compressor and monitor controller is important.

If the studio desk you like doesn't have enough rack space for your outboard gear and/or synth modules, a dedicated rack may be the ticket.  Parked near your studio desk (on rolling wheels or not), it will give you immediate access to the tools of your creative trade.

We carry the Ultimate Support Systems line of studio desks and furniture and the beautiful Zaor Studio Furniture line.