Josephson C705 LDC Microphone

Josephson C705 LDC Microphone

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The Josephson Engineering C705 microphone combines a cardioid-only version of the center-supported, large single diaphragm capsule used in the C715 with the transformerless active balanced audio output circuit of the C700 series. No compromises are made in the sonic quality of the circuit or the components used to build the C705, while a somewhat lower cost is realized through using a steel housing with a rugged industrial finish rather than the brass housing and plated finish of our other mics. A unique offset grille support helps to reduce acoustic reflections inside the basket.

The capsule, using a 5μm gold-metallized diaphragm and precision machined internal surfaces, provides a smooth and extended high end, and the enhanced proximity effect characteristic of single-diaphragm mics. This combination provides a new range of control for vocal pickup without adding sibilance due to housing and grille resonances, with a variety of tone colors possible by careful selection of distance to the microphone. It’s also excellent for detailed instrument pickup without the harshness typical of many large- diaphragm mics. Users should experiment with proximity effect to get an idea of what to expect, it’s very different from the usual dual- diaphragm side address studio mic.

Because of the limited available thru P48 phantom power, it takes some time for the C705 to reach full operating performance. The microphone becomes operational about ten seconds after application of power, but as the internal power supplies become stable, there may be some drift in sensitivity. The microphone should be allowed to operate for 5 minutes before being used for critical recording.

The microphone is provided with a 3-pin male XLR on the side of the housing, a special XLR3R right-angle cable is available as an accessory, or any good quality mic cable may be used.

For additional overload margin, the C705 may be used with “super phantom” powering according to IEC 61938. This is identical to normal P48 phantom but using 2.2K resistors matched to within 2 ohms rather than 6.8K. About 10 mA will be drawn in 'super phantom' mode.

C705 Specifications
Pressure-gradient condenser microphone transducer Cardioid directional pattern
Frequency range 20-20,000 Hz
Sensitivity 15 mV/Pa
Equivalent noise level <16 dB SPL, A weighted RMS Overload sound level 130 dB SPL
P48 phantom power, 5.5 mA current consumption Diameter 63 mm (100 mm wide at yoke), length 261 mm Weight 1.2 kg
Output connector 3-pin XLR