Vicoustic Flexi Wall Acoustic Gobos

Vicoustic Flexi Wall Acoustic Gobos

  • $ 799.00

Vicoustic Flexi Wall Acoustic Gobos not in stock.  Please inquire before placing an order to confirm price and availability.

Flexi Wall is a portable, modular acoustic treatment system which can transform your space in a matter of minutes. Its flexible panels enable you set up a customized studio just about anywhere. The panels can also be used to change the acoustic properties of a room, allowing it to serve a variety of purposes.

Flexi Wall is highly absorbent in all frequency ranges. Its design is based on Vicoustic's top selling Flexi Panels. This unique solution can be used in a range of environments such as audiophile listening rooms, recording studios, vocal booths, video editing rooms, and podcasting suites.

For use in Practice Rooms, Broadcasting Rooms, Editing Suites etc.  Create portable Drum and Vocal Booths, Guitar and Bass Amplifier enclosures.


  • (3) Vicoustic Flexi Stands
  • (9) Vicoustic Flexi A50 Panels

Stand Features

  • Adjustable height (2', 4' or 6')
  • 3 Stainless Steel rods that lock into each other
  • Natural finish for wooden base