Vicoustic Cinema Round Ultra Fuser

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Creating effective and controlled diffusion within a particular design frequency has always been one of the greatest challenges facing acousticians. Vicoustic is proud to present the Poly Wood Fuser, a specially designed panel based on an optimal curve, which creates an elliptical diffuser to effectively scatter unwanted frequencies.

The panel's fibreboard elliptical membrane has a controlled density, allowing an infinite diffusion pattern (effective from 300Hz to 12 kHz), which breaks up standing waves and flutter-echo effects.

The panel's acoustic foam interior serves two purposes; dampening the membrane's diffusion effect and acting as a broadband absorber for medium low frequencies.


Conference Rooms, Classrooms, Auditoriums, Hi-Fi and Home Cinema.

Dimensions: 595 x 595 x 137 mm

Scratch Resistance: No

Washable: No


Functionality: Diffusion
Absorption Frequency: Medium Frequencies
alpha with Shape Indicators: 0.20 (L)
NRC: 0.200
Fire Class European (EN): Euroclass E

Units Per Box: 2

Raw Materials

Material: VicPet Wool, MDF, Melamine


Standard Color: Black Mate, White Mate, Dark Wenge, Brown Oak

Special Order Color: Metallic Copper // Metallic Gold // Locarno Cherry //  Natural Oak //


Place: Wall
Fixing Type: VicFix J Profile (Included), Flexi Glue Ultra