SPL Mix Dream Analog Summing with Inserts

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The MixDream is a cascadable, 16-in-2 analog summing device. Any DAW or digital console can be expanded with active analog summing, channel and main bus and inserts and processing.

The MixDream discrete class A technology is based on a 60-volt rail (+/- 30V). This ensures extremely high slew rates, low noise level of -97dBu (A-weighted, all channels active) and a dynamic range of over 125dB. Thus the MixDream outperforms the technical level of the best analog consoles.

Nowadays, many are asking whether analog summing is better than digital summing. But perhaps the real question is whether digital summing better than analog summing? We at SPL don‘t know of anyone who says so. We do know that summing with the MixDream creates an amazing signal depth, precise localization and a wonderful stereo imaging. Moreover, the addition of individual instruments results in soft and pleasant transitions. These are analog summing differences that we hear—and that you can expect. However, in contrast to simple summing devices the MixDream‘s insert and processing capabilities clearly spotlight a factor that is most important in a quality mix: while quality summing is the basis of a good mix, quality processing in the mixing process has the biggest influence on sound. When engineers discuss the qualities of highly-acclaimed analog consoles, it is very often the superior analog processing potential of such consoles that is an integral part of such “shop talk”. The MixDream now allows DAW users to exploit this potential with maximum comfort and uncompromising quality, ensuring that nothing can stand in the way of the engineer‘s having the best of both analog and digital worlds.

“I originally mixed the tracks straight after Sonisphere and then went out and did FOH on some dates with British Lions (Steve Harris' band). So, when I got back, I remixed the tracks with the Mixdream so I would have a direct A/B reference, you could hear the difference right away, it was unbelievable. It gave the mixes a real analogue warmth and feel. And the depth and width was amazing, you wouldn't normally get that from digital recordings and mixes. I’m now going to use the  Mixdream on everything.”

Tony used the Mixdream to mix 4 Iron Maiden songs which were recorded live at Sonisphere 2014 and were then used for a special on Sky Arts TV. 

 - Tony Newton Recording engineer for Iron Maiden and bassist for Voodoo Six