SPL Madison 16 in 16 Out MADI Converter

SPL Madison 16 in 16 Out MADI Converter

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16+16 Channel MADI Interface

The SPL Madison offers 16 analog input and 16 analog output channels of the highest sound quality.

Madison combines state of the art signal conversion with highly reliable clock and MADI processing. And as a true SPL unit it is simple to operate, easy to expand and, of course, an awesome sounding conversion system.

Combined with the Madicon USB3 interface this system features SmartMADI®, which allows daisy chaining Madison converters and communicating sample rate changes through the MADI stream to connected Madisons.

As a company with a rich heritage in analog audio engineering, it has always been our idea to put all our knowledge into the analog sections of a converter. Excellent converter technology requires an appropriate analog environment, and that is where a true difference can be made – a difference against existing solutions, and a difference in sound of course.

Where ever you may have a need for reliable and pure conversion of multiple analog audio channels, the Madison meets your demand brilliantly.

Since MADI is the emerging new studio I/O standard, the Madison is the perfect interface for home and project studios, commercial recording studios and scoring stages.

We have designed an analog audio section on 36V audio rails, reaching output levels of 24dBu. The result is simply amazing. With its straight-forward operation, flexible expansion, and pristine sound, the price per channel ratio of the Madison may set a new benchmark.

Broadcast and live professionals rely on the still-unsurpassed MADI since about 25 years now – with jitter-free, rock-solid transmission of many audio channels per single wire and low-cost cabling with lengths far above one mile, MADI simply offers unique advantages.

Madison is one of the few interfaces with 16 AD and 16 DA converters built in. The converters support the following sample rates: 44.1/48 kHz, 88.2/ 96kHz and 176.4/ 192kHz with 24 bit word length and accept vari-speed up to ±10%.

You can select between four different reference levels to match 0dBfs (full scale): 15, 18, 22, and 24dBu.

Up to four units can be connected to a single MADI port on a digital console, a MADI PC card, or any professional audio routing infrastructure. The MADI port offers excellent and near-zero-latency digital transmission of up to 64 I/Os with galvanic insulation.

Madison operates absolutely noise-fee. It's fanless absolutely silent low-power design consumes only up to 30W.

Madison can be equipped with a redundant power supply.