SPL Crescendo Duo Two-Channel Mic Preamp with 120 Volt Technology

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Crescendo duo – Two-Channel Microphone Preamplifier featuring 120V Technology

With the Crescendo duo, we extend the SPL 120V technology microphone preamp portfolio with a two-channel version of the SPL Crescendo.

Crescendo duo excels with the same outstanding sonic and technical features as the flagship of the product line – Crescendo. It is nearly impossible to overdrive this preamplifier. It excels with absolute signal fidelity and clarity and lets microphones appear in a whole new light – they have never been amplified like this before.
Besides the switchable +48V phantom power for condenser microphones, Crescendo duo offers a high-pass filter to eliminate low frequency noise, the ability to reverse the polarity of the signal and a PAD to lower the input level. The two large VU meters visualize the output level of the amplified signal. The ability to reduce level, shown on the VU meter, by 10dB makes it easy to display the dynamics of high levels. A highlight of the Crescendo duo is the individual control of Mic Gain and Output Gain. This way, the microphone signal is amplified as best as possible without wasting a single dB.

The signal can be picked up at the rear via two parallel XLR outputs per channel. For example, two different recording systems can be used (back-up) or two different signal paths can be fed.

The Crescendo duo is the perfect start into the world of the SPL 120V technology microphone preamplifiers.

The Crescendo duo is perfectly suited for the most demanding stereo recordings, but is also ideal for mono signals such as vocals. It is the ultimate front end for all professional recording studios.

“After having brought my vision of a 120V technology microphone preamplifier to life with the Crescendo, I am now pleased that this philosophy is being continued with the two-channel version Crescendo duo. It is the ideal front-end for studios and production spaces that only require a few but absolutely high-quality microphone preamps to get the most out of their microphones and recordings – with SPL 120V high dynamic linear technology.”
Wolfgang Neumann, Chief Developer

Frequency range

  • 20-100kHz (32dB Gain) -3dB

Mic pre amp gain

  • 70dB (in 2 to 7 dB steps)


  • 20dB

Output Gain

  • +/- 10dB

High-pass filter

  • -3dB/120Hz

Input impedance

  • 10 kOhm

Output impedance

  • < 600 Ohm

Noise (A-weighted)

  • (70dB +10dB Gain) -51.6dBu
  • (70dB Gain) -60dBu
  • (63dB Gain) -67.5dBu
  • (32dB Gain) -94 dBu
  • (18dB Gain) -100,5dBu

Noise FFT

  • (63dB Gain) -97dBu
  • (32dB Gain) -125dBu


  • (63dB Gain) > 65dBu/1kHz
  • (32dB Gain) > 88dBu/1kHz


  • (63dB Gain) 0.001%
  • (32dB Gain) 0.002%
  • (18dB Gain) 0.0002%


  • (63dB Gain) 150 Ohm -131.2dBu
  • (32dB Gain) 40 Ohm -126.4dBu

Power consumption

  • 230V: 17.7 W
  • 115V: 20 W


  • 230V 315mA (Fast)
  • 115V 630mA (Fast)