Schoeps CMC68g Set Bi-Directional mono Microphone

Schoeps CMC68g Set Bi-Directional mono Microphone

  • $ 1,854.00

Being a Schoeps, users can predict reliable, high-quality frequency response out of both lobes of this bi-directional, figure-8 microphone capsule.  Traditionally a bi-directional microphone signal is combined with a cardioid capsule to obtain M-S 'mid-side' mic'ing.  This type of microphone pickup allows the engineer to adjust the width of the pickup after the performance while mixing.  Alternately, a single bi-directional mic is utilized to pick up two performers/instrumentalists simultaneously.

Schoeps CMC68 bi-directional microphone set comprised of -

CMC 6 U amplifier/body

MK 8 Bi-Directional (figure 8) capsule

SG 20 stand clamp

B 5 pop screen

Protective Box