Schoeps CMC65g Set Omni/Cardioid mono Microphone

Schoeps CMC65g Set Omni/Cardioid mono Microphone

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The Schoeps CMC65 Set is a great all-rounder SDC microphone due to having a capsule switchable between cardioid and omni pickup patterns.  Use the cardioid if you want to isolate your instrument and/or get creative with proximity effect as you adjust the distance to your source insturment.  Use the capsule's Omni setting if you wish to introduce more room timbre and/or eliminate the proximity effect you'd usually expect from close-up mic'ing with a directional microphone capsule.

Schoeps CMC65g Set mono microphone comprised of -

CMC 6 U amplifier/body

MK 5 switchable omni/cardioid capsule

SG 20 stand clamp

B 5 pop screen

Protective box