Schoeps A20 Elastic Microphone Suspension Clamp

Schoeps A20 Elastic Microphone Suspension Clamp

  • $ 90.00

  • Schoeps A20 shock mount provides isolation from vibration transmitted through microphone stands. 
    Using a Schoeps A 20 is recommended if the solid-borne sound insulation would be better than with a rigid stand clamp.

    The base has a 5/8"-27 NS internal thread with adapter for 3/8" and 1/2" included. A special clamp secures the microphone cable. This is necessary with the A 20 and advantageous with the A 20 S. The microphone can be tilted to any angle.

  • Elastic suspension in a classic look

  • Schoeps A20 elastic suspension microphone mount in a classic look for a microphone with 20 or 21 mm diameter body such as the Schoeps CMC6 amplifier.
  • Provides isolation from vibration carried in microphone stands. Perfect for remote or location sound.

Schoeps A 20 has an unbreakable metal housing and a sturdy, non-scratching and virtually unbreakable clip made of modern plastic.