Retro Instruments Powerstrip channel strip USED ITEM

  • $ 2,950.00
  • Save $ 1,049


Wow - here's a great piece of pro audio gear we don't see very often!  Heavy on the vibe, this very clean-condition, used Retro Instruments Powerstrip combines a thick tube preamp, powerful EQ and a syrupy limiter!  People often ask for a 'magic bullet' piece of gear to obtain fat, warm tones while recording with a DAW audio interface - this is it!

Sounds fantastic and costs way, way less than a new Powerstrip would set you back.  Complete with manual and a.c. cable.  No original box.

Local folks may rent to see if this Retro Instuments Powerstrip lives up the hype.  Not so local folks may rent too!  Full rental cost deducted from purchase price.  See our rental page for details.