Primacoustic GoTrap Studio Gobo & Bass Trap

  • $ 469.00

Primacoustic GoTrap
Studio Gobo and Bass Trap - not in stock, special order 

  • Reduces spill between instruments
  • Full size 24" x 36" design can be stacked
  • Baltic birch construction with dove-tail joints
  • Choice of black, grey or beige

The Primacoustic GoTrap is a combination studio gobo and bass trap that is designed to enhance the recording process by controlling spill between instruments, while passively removing excessive bass from the room.

It features two Broadway fabric covered high-density glass wool acoustic panels mounted on both sides that effectively absorb the sound. This is augmented with a heavy internal MDF board that adds mass to help contain spill between instruments. The MDF board also acts like a low frequency resonator that combines with the acoustic panels and the deep internal air cavity to absorb bass down to 75Hz.

Shipped flat to save freight, the 24″ x 36″ (609mm x 914mm) GoTrap is made from furniture grade multi-ply Baltic birch and engineered with dovetail joints for maximum durability in professional studio environments. This is particularly important when you consider that gobos tend to be tossed around or stacked to create walls and often employed as a bench for studio session players! Features include side access handles for easy handling and rubber feet to reduce wear & tear. The GoTrap is available with choice of grey, beige or black panels.

This makes the GoTrap an ideal studio device as it will be constantly used as a gobo to control spill from instruments to improve the recordings while quietly working to help control excessive bass in your studio.


Isolation Wall

Create an isolation wall by stacking GoTraps. Not only will the bleed from the guitar amp be reduced but the other musicians will be more comfortable while recording.

Spot Isolation

For even greater isolation and separation between instrument mics move a few GoTraps in close around an amplifier. This will not only cut down on the amps sound bleeding into other open mics but will also keep room ambience from entering the amp's microphone.

Instant Vocal Booth

In some situations there may be no vocal isolation booth available. The GoTrap can be called into service to provide isolation for the vocal microphones and make the signers more comfortable next to loud instruments.


Frequency - HZ 50Hz 80Hz 125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1kHz 2kHz 4kHz 5kHz
GoTrap 0.95 1.10 1.20 1.08 1.29 1.22 1.15 1.05 1.00