Mesanovic SC1 SDC Microphone Stereo Pair

  • $ 1,199.00

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Mesanovic SC1 Stereo Pair Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphones with Interchangeable Cardioid & Omni Capsules

The SC1 is our first small condenser microphone. It features interchangeable capsules, is supplied with matching omni and cardioid capsules. The SC1 is a transformerless design that exhibits low self noise, low distortion, ultra fast transient response and a natural sonic character.

The SC1 is precision machined from stainless steel and manufactured in our Detroit based facility. Each pair of capsules is matched for both sensitivity and frequency response in an ISO certified anechoic chamber. The SC1 works great for stereo recordings of drums, rooms, strings, orchestras, piano, and acoustic guitar. Its high SPL capability also makes the SC1 a great choice for snare drums, toms, and electric guitar cabs.