Lauten Audio LS-308 Highly-Directional LDC Microphone

  • $ 498.00

***Pre-order your LAUTEN LS308 High-isolation microphone - not currently in stock***

The LS-308 is a noise rejecting, high-dynamic range microphone useful as a problem solver in challenging recording situations when isolation is needed but difficult to achieve.

Designed for studio, broadcast, and sound reinforcement environments when sources are in very close proximity and isolation of those sources is difficult; for example, a small commentators booth with multiple commentators, or isolating drums from a guitar amp on a tight stage. The LS308 is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone featuring exceptional off-axis frequency rejection combined with ultra-high dynamic range.  Constructed from high-quality components and outfitted with frequency shaping high and low-cut filters, the LS308 offers excellent handling capabilities. It includes two different mounting options, a foam windscreen, and a road case.​