Lauten Atlantis FC-387 Multi-voicing FET Studio Vocal Microphone

  • $ 1,599.99


The Lauten Atlantis FC-387 is a multi-pattern and multi-voicing large diaphragm FET studio condenser microphone. This microphone is for recordists looking for extremely diverse, unique and modern FET sounds. It offers full and rich, low and mid-range frequencies as well as smooth and unique high-mid and high frequencies no matter which voicing setting is selected.

Lauten Audio Atlantis FC387 at a glance
redcheckmark Designed for vocals and more
redcheckmark Multi-voicing switch for three disctinct timbres
redcheckmark +10dB feature great for added presence
redcheckmark -10dB pad switch to tame loud sources

redcheckmark Cardioid, Omni and Figure-8 polar patterns
Multi-voicing capabilities

The voicing switch makes the Atlantis an extremely flexible microphone. The options are F (Forward), N (Neutral) and G (Gentle). Forward offers a very open response and very modern, revealing sound. Neutral is a more even response with slight de-emphasis on mid and high frequencies for a more classic sound. Gentle offers the ability to tame harsh, bright or very forward sources or for a "vintage" sound.  Each voicing setting has a unique frequency response; it’s like getting three microphones in one.  The multi-voicing feature is an extremely powerful option when recording vocals and many other sources. No need to swap out different mics or EQ on the way in; simply flip the switch on the rear, compare the results and start recording.

Atlantis FC-387 Features & Specifications
redcheckmark Extra-large 31.25mm dual-diaphragm capsule redcheckmark Circuit: Solid-State low-noise FET
redcheckmark Cardioid, Omni & Figure-8 polar patterns redcheckmark Type: Pressure gradient condenser
redcheckmark 3 unique voicing options redcheckmark Polar Pattern: Cardioid, Omnidirectional & Figure-8
redcheckmark +10dB gain redcheckmark Freq. Response: 20Hz-20KHz
redcheckmark -10dB pad redcheckmark Dynamic Range: 120dB minimum
redcheckmark Low noise FET redcheckmark Impedance: <200 ohms
redcheckmark High resolution capacitors redcheckmark Max. SPL: 0.5%THD@1000Hz: 130dB
redcheckmark Custom wound output transformer redcheckmark Self-noise level: < 12dB(A)
redcheckmark Sensitivity:16mV/Pa OR -36±2dB 0dB=1V/Pa 1KHz
redcheckmark Special Features: 3 unique timbre settings
redcheckmark Special Features: -10 dB pad & +10dB gain
redcheckmark Requires 48v Phantom power