IsoAcoustics L8R155 Isolation Monitor Platforms - pair

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IsoAcoustics L8R155 Isolation Monitor Platforms -

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For small speakers and studio monitors 

Fine-tune your sound the way it’s meant to be heard

The ISO-L8R155 isolation stands are designed for medium size speakers and studio monitors. A practical and effective solution for desktop, bookshelf and floor standing speakers. The IsoAcoustics patented isolation system provides superior isolation and decoupling from the supporting surface. The stands are a complete kit to optimize your speaker placement and performance by assembling them in the short or tall configuration and setting the desired upward or downward tilt.

The ISO-L8R155 stands have an overall size of 6.1”x7.5” (155x190mm) and can be configured to an overall height of 3.7” or 8.75” (9.5mm or 22.5mm) with inserts that provide up to 6.5 degrees of tilt upwards or downward. Altogether, up to 14 variations of height and tilt adjustment are available to optimize speaker placement.

Our ears are typically 20” above the desk surface when seated and raising 4” or 5” studio monitors brings them up to ear level where they can be can be further focused by setting the tilt angle.

Desk reflections can be mitigated by increasing the tilt angle or raising the IsoAcoustics stands to the tall configuration.

“I just received a pair of your L8R155 monitor stands. I had them assembled in a matter of minutes, mounted my monitors (Neumann KH120) and turned on a cut of music I often use as a reference (I Can See Clearly Now by Holly Cole).

I’m left stunned. There simply is no comparison between the IsoAcoustics stands and what I’d previously been using, at double the price. No A/B comparison needed here, nor any ornate double-blind tests with multiple pairs of ‘golden ears’ to argue ad infinitum over sonic subtleties. The difference in quality was instantly perceptible and jaw dropping. The depth and width of the sound stage, detail, air, tonality, timber, the lot…all palpably improved. Actually, I find the transformation quite astonishing.

While I hardly consider myself ‘golden eared,’ I will admit to having been an avid audiophile for some (45) years. That is to say, I deem my sense of hearing to be reasonably well-honed and discriminating. My home audio system (stereo, not multichannel A/V) is a $75k setup. The Neumanns are what I use in my home recording studio (I do narration and VO).

I can honestly say my new IsoAcoustics stands now count amongst the few —very few —components I deem indispensable.

Congratulations to the IsoAcoustics team for an absolutely superlative product —and at such an affordable price. Thank you.”
Nila Sagadevan
Laguna Hills, CA