IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R200Sub Isolation Monitor Platform - Single

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Drive your subwoofer

The IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R200Sub Acoustic Isolation Stands are for subwoofers used in professional and project studios, audiophile systems and home theaters.

Like the IsoAcoustics stand models, the ISO-L8R200Sub is designed to clean up acoustic issues with the subwoofer, allowing the subwoofer to literally float with all movement on-axis, preventing the low frequencies from being driven into the supporting surface. You’ll hear more punch and clarity from your subwoofer.

Measuring 7.8″ wide by 10″ deep and 4″ high, with fixed height and tilt, the ISO-L8R200Sub is designed to accommodate most subwoofers, and can be used as a single unit, or combined with additional units for larger subwoofers.

The ISO-L8R200Sub featured the same patented technology as the entire family of award-winning IsoAcoustics Acoustic Isolation Stands.

The ISO-L8R200Sub – Drive your Sub Harder.

ISO-L8R200Sub has an overall size of 7.8″(W) x 10″(D) and suitable for Subwoofer and speaker cabinets up to 75 lbs.

For larger applications, additional units can be used. Ensure the weight is evenly distributed and not exceeding 75 lbs per unit.