Rycote Invision USM Universal Studio Microphone Mount

Rycote Invision USM Universal Studio Microphone Mount

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InVision Universal Studio Mount

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For side-address microphones - fits 18mm to 55mm body

The universal shock-mount designed to fit practically all of your side-address microphones

The unparalleled flexibility of the Rycote InVision USM, with unprecedented fast setup in studio and live applications, accommodates multiple side-address microphones. Its unique, adjustable universal locking system can be quickly adjusted to securely fit a wide range of microphones. With just a handful of models, InVision USM Suspensions accommodate a wide range of diameters while providing peak performance for both lighter and heavier microphone models.

Say goodbye to expensive, fragile elastic suspensions

The USM utilises specially designed clips with Rycote’s patented Lyre Technology. Made from robust Hytrel thermoplastic, the USM will never sag or need rethreading. This indestructible, innovative design provides an additional 12 dB of isolation compared to conventional elastic suspensions.

InVision Studio Suspensions

For miniature, probe, handheld, and shotgun microphones

InVision Studio Suspensions provide unparalleled protection against shock, vibration, and handling noise for miniature, probe, handheld, and shotgun microphones. Utilising Rycote’s exclusive Lyre technology, these shock-mounts are virtually unbreakable and effective at any temperature. For additional protection, all models are designed with an integral cable clamp to isolate cable vibration from the microphone.

With numerous variations designed for use with a vast number of microphone makes and models, each InVision Studio Suspension is designed to provide excellent shock and handling protection with the microphone application in mind – whether in the recording studio, broadcast studio, live music, installations, or boom-pole mounting for ENG with slip-on wind-protection flexibility.