Heritage Audio HA73 Elite Single-Channel Mic Preamp

  • $ 649.00

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Our most affordable microphone preamp, the HA73 Elite is a single channel rack unit made to the specifications of the HA DMA73 and beloved ´73JR.  It will give you the vintage console preamp sound acclaimed for generations. It is manufactured at the Spanish HA headquarters.

Key components to obtain a true vintage sound are maintained, like the industry standard Carnhill transformers, hand wound in St Ives, England.

Manufactured in the same Spanish facilities as the rest of the HA products, the rack mountable HA73 Elite produces the classic sounding recording preamp that, for generations, has been regarded for its rich, musical qualities and its ability to dramatically improve the sound of almost any source.

Further, it includes the same exact great sounding JFET DI circuit found in the ´73JR and a fully discrete class A high pass filter.

With 80 dB of available gain and dedicated mic, line, and instrument inputs, the HA73 Elite has everything you need to bring microphones and instruments to life with vintage vibe and thickness.

The HA73 Elite features gain, output trim, -20db pad, polarity reverse, a high pass filter, and +48v phantom power.  It comes housed in a rugged 1RU British steel chassis and utilizes an external power supply for low noise operation.  The HA73 features Carnhill input and output transformers, high quality pots and switches, and best of all is 100% made by Heritage Audio.