Forssell Custom Two-channel Microphone Preamp USED ITEM

  • $ 850.00

One of a kind used Forssell prototype two-channel solid-state microphone preamp in stock at Tidepool Audio!

This custom-built Forssell prototype microphone preamp was built for a mastering engineer for use on location classical recording.  This Forssell-built two rack-space prototype preamp has a Forssell tube mic faceplate that has blems and imperfections in the graphics.

The careful reader will note this is a solid-state preamp.  This is not a tube unit.

We’ve had it in our rental inventory where it has pulled solid duty with recordists looking for a clean sound.  You should probably not consider this if you’re looking for a characterful mic preamplifier.

Buy it now or book a two-day rental for $100.  

Full rental may be applied to the purchase within (30) days.