Forssell custom Six-channel Microphone Preamp Prototype USED ITEM

  • $ 1.00

***SOLD OUT***

Forssell custom prototype six-channel analog microphone preamp
from our rental inventory.  This is a custom-built item and has no brand identifiers, model numbers, etc.  This preamp was built for a NW mastering client who used it for location classical recording; he also owned other Forssell items, some were custom-built one-offs, some stock.

Plain black 2-space rack chassis.  Phantom power.  XLR inputs, XLR outputs.

Clean, quiet gain.

Considering what new two-channel Forssell preamps sell for, this is a tremendous bargain for someone wanting multiple analog mic preamp channels.  

We'd prefer to sell this locally to someone who has gotten a chance to put it through its paces (it is available for rent)  We are not guaranteeing that this preamp sounds/performs exactly like stock Forssell preamps.

Guaranteed to work on arrival.  No other guarantee applies.  Final sale.