Focal Trio6 Studio Monitor - New 2023 ST6 Version - Pair

  • $ 6,998.00


Made in France, the Focal Trio6 is a 3-way monitor offering flawless transparency, precision, and dynamics. Thanks to its double Focus mode — 1 or 2-way — Trio6 is 3 monitors in 1.

This studio monitor is equipped with a Beryllium inverted dome tweeter, whose frequency response can extend up to 40 kHz. It also features a 5" midrange woofer and a 8” subwoofer, made with composite ‘W’-cone and a 35Hz cut-off frequency. Like Solo6 and Twin6, Trio6 benefits from exclusive Focal technologies: TMD suspension, laminar venting, reinforced cabinetry, IAL, and more. Several other features complete this professional studio monitor: high-pass crossover, disengageable automatic standby mode and 160 Hz LMF crossover for console reflections making Trio6 a benchmark studio monitor.

The Focus Mode enables the loudspeaker to be converted into a one-way full-range monitor, providing a different speaker driver configuration accessed by simply pressing a pedal – as though there were a second pair of studio monitors with a reduced dynamic allowing the mix adaptability to be checked on smaller systems. 

The ‘W’ composite cone is made in France by Focal and allows the frequency response curve to be optimized. This cone’s unique characteristics of lightness and rigidity control the signal transmission speed within the material. The modulation of the structural foam’s thickness provides very precise control of the cone’s damping quality for transparency, a very low distortion rate and an excellent phase response.



3-way monitor

Frequency response (@ -3dB)

35Hz – 40kHz

Focus mode 1

100Hz – 15kHz

Focus mode 2

80Hz – 40kHz

Maximum SPL
(Average CEA2034 50–10kHz free field @ 1m)


Focus mode 1
(Average CEA2034 100–10kHz free field @ 1m)


Focus mode 2
(Average CEA2034 100–10kHz free field @ 1m)



Balanced XLR 10kΩ

Bass amplifier stage

100W RMS, G-class

Midrange amplifier stage

100W RMS, G-class

Treble amplifier stage

50W RMS, AB-class

Nominal power supply

100 – 120V~ 50/60Hz 220 – 240V~ 50/60Hz

User controls

Sensitivity, Auto standby, Focus mode, HPF, LF Shelv, LMF EQ, HF Shelv


~100–120V, 50/60Hz, T3.15AH/250V~220–240V, 50/60Hz, T1.6AH/250V


8" 'W' cone


5" 'W' cone


1.5" Beryllium




7/8" (22mm) MDF


Dark red natural veneering side panels, black body

Dimensions (H x L x D)

(53.7 x 29.2 x 36.9cm)


55.12lbs (25kg)

Temperature range

During use: 5–35°C During storage: 0–50°C