Dutch & Dutch 8c Studio Active Monitor Speaker Pair

  • $ 12,950.00

8c studio monitors sold in pairs $12,950

The Dutch Dutch 8c studio monitor shares the same dimensions, components and specs as the acclaimed D&D 8c but has a black painted finish MDF cabinet in contrast to the solid oak 8c cabinets. The 8c studio version does not stream audio over ethernet. 

The 8c studio handles 192 kHz on the AES/EBU input similar to the 8c.

M10 threads are in the sides of the 8c studio cabinet to be able to fly or pole mount the cabinets for surround, Dolby Atmos and similar install applications.  U bracket for suspending the 8c Studio monitor are available separately for $425 each.  

The Dutch Dutch 8c Studio version monitor is available in a black painted finish only.