Dutch & Dutch 8C Sound Anchors Compact Adjustable Stand Pair

  • $ 1,450.00

Sound Anchor stands are special ordered for our Dutch & Dutch customers only.  Free shipping along with a Dutch Dutch 8C order

Sound Anchors Dutch & Dutch 8c COMPADJ Monitor Stands are a custom version of the COMPADJ Stands designed for the Dutch & Dutch 8c speaker.  Stand base was increased to provide additional stability and platform has been predrilled to integrate directly with the 8c mounting positions.  Various heights are offered with 6” adjustability to fit in virtually any environment.

The Compact Adjustable Monitor stands are designed to allow the engineer to correctly place a pair of monitors in a tight space behind the console. The 14″ wide x 16.5” deep base and the upright are filled and damped from the factory.  COMPADJ stands offer a very solid support for your speakers. The speaker platform is made of 1/4″ aluminum which reduces the amount of energy that gets transferred into the stand. The Sound Anchor COMPADJ stands isolate the speakers from the console, each other and the floor which gives you a cleaner, more detailed and more accurate sound.

Five adjustable Sound Anchors heights available, price is same regardless of height:

Height adjustable:  22" - 28"

Height adjustable:  24" - 30"

Height adjustable:  30" - 36"

Height adjustable:  36" - 40"

Height adjustable:  38" - 44"


  • Base: 14” W x 16.5” D
  • Platforms: 10” x 14”
  • Weight:  45 lbs ~ 55 lbs each