Chandler Ltd Little Devil Compressor

Chandler Ltd Little Devil Compressor

  • $ 1,145.00

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Using all discrete circuits that combine Chandler's best designs with the hottest designs from the past, transformer balanced, and the American handmade quality, the Chandler Ltd 500 Series Modules will take your lunchbox or rack system to the next level!

The Little Devil Compressor is a mixture of all that is Chandler. It combines elements of our LTD-2 and Germanium Compressor, as well as 2264 and 33609 units, into an all new compressor for a 500 format. Discrete transformer sound and handmade quality are the make up of the Devil Comp.

Revolutionary controls like wet/dry, sidechain filter, and curve selection make the unit extremely flexible. When combined with its intense tone, this compressor gives you a powerful package in a small box.

All Chandler 500 series Devils feature increased compatibility! No power issues!

"Been using them both (compressor and EQ) and I really love the tone. Man you can't beat hand made hardware. The units look great and are built like tanks . . . Instantly you could hear the tone of the hardware, it was a beautiful thing."


FORMAT: 500 Series


CIRCUIT: Discrete, Transistor, Transformer Balanced

BYPASS: Hardwire

I/O: 500 Series Enclosure