Chandler Ltd Germanium Drive Guitar Pedal

  • $ 335.00

This Chandler item in not currently in stock.  Please contact us if you'd like to Special Order this and we'll get you an approximate ETA.

The Germanium Drive is really a germanium pedal like none you've used before. It has all the tone and color you would expect from a germanium but none of the mud and none of the fat - only an intense colored germanium tone.

This pedal was inspired by our Germanium pre amps and our work with other germanium amplifiers, but has even more to it. The five feedback selections on the Germanium Drive modify the tone, harmonic distortion and clipping of the pedal and offer a nice range of uses from tighter, lightly driven to slightly fuzzy, to full on germanium hell!

 NOTE ON POWER: Requires a power supply with isolated outputs, such as VooDoo Labs pedal power, or two 9 volt batteries; MXR DC Brick is non-isolated and is not compatible. 


"I got to try both the Little Devil and the Germ pedals last week . . . they were super fun to play through!! The Devil got into some great rock tones, and as the rotary knob was turned the tone started to 'give' in a cool way -- kind of like compression but not quite. The Germanium felt like it was very easy to get great solo sounds that really sang. Really made me want to play guitar all night!"