AEA NUVO N22 Ribbon Microphone Stereo Kit

  • $ 2,499.00

AEA N22 Stereo Ribbon Ribbon Kit in stock at Tidepool

AEA’s NUVO Stereo Kit enables users to rapidly set up and accurately record in stereo on a single mic stand. Each N22 microphone may of course be used on separate music sources.  The N22 Stereo Kit consists of two matched N22s and comes with all of the accessories necessary to easily configure the figure-eight microphones in Blumlein and near-coincident.

Discreet in shape and size, AEA’s NUVO series microphones are lightweight, portable and easy to position. They feature active electronics and custom transformers that provide extra output and more preamp flexibility than traditional passive ribbon mics. The N22 mics offer the same ribbon sound and high-quality components as our other mics. They are all handmade in the United States.

“I love the AEA N22. We’ve used it on almost every electric guitar track I’ve recorded since getting that mic…”


“My N22 has turned out to be an incredible bass amp mic…to such an extent that I won’t record bass without it.”

-Justin Meldal-Johnsen

"The N22 is my first and usually final choice if I’m micing my HIWATT live on a stage or my Princeton or AC30 in the studio. Really special mics and a really special company.”

-Adam Granduciel