SPL 2Control

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Speaker & Headphone Monitoring Controller

The 2Control is an excellent sounding compact monitor controller.

The Crossfeed makes the playback headphones sound as being played back on speakers. Your mixes on headphone translate better to speaker playback.

There is more than meets the eye in working with headphones. Many musicians and producers might wish to mix at home. Then headphones become a clear must, enabling an evening or late night session. Now each and every careful headphone user should know about the analytical advantages of headphone monitoring, but also about the main disadvantage: the difficulty (if note impossibility) in properly judging room ambience.

A new feature of the 2Control is the Crossfeed control for both headphone outputs, which was derived from the high-end headphone amplifier Phonitor. Headphones have the disadvantage of producing a super stereo image. The Crossfeed control corrects the stereo panorama. Based upon the imaging of a speaker set positioned on angle of 30 degrees, the crossfeed can be adjusted in a way to match the stereo imaging of the speakers. Whenever speaker monitoring may not be possible or if an monitoring alternative to speakers is required, the 2Control allows for mixes on headphones.