Avedis MD7 500 Series Mic Preamp

Avedis MD7 500 Series Mic Preamp

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  • All discrete op-amp based preamplifier with Jensen® Transformers, Send and Return/DI for adding external effects.
  • Standard 500 series modular size 1.5″ x 5.25″
  • Gain range from 0dB – 64dB in 4dB steps for recall-ability
  • Input Trim control for fine control of gain
  • TransDrive™ circuitry for slight saturation at peaks
  • Utilizes the discrete 1122 op-amp known for depth and resolution
  • All discrete design with Class A buffer amplifier
  • Wide bandwidth, high headroom, very low noise
  • NO PAD, NO IC’s, and NO Surface Mount Components
  • Line Input to interface with DAW’s
  • Phase reverse, and filtered 48V phantom power
  • High Pass Filter using a gentle slope for natural bass roll-off (-3dB @ 80Hz)
  • 10 Meg-ohm high impedance DI input great for all instrument pickups
  • SEND feature to run signal through stomp boxes for variety of effects
  • Perfect for using as a re-amplification device

The Avedis MD7 addresses the features needed in op-amp based preamps with a very musical sound - without the conventional hard sounding, mid-forward timbres which are not suitable for digital recordings.  Once you hear the Avedis MD7 you may want to fill up your 500-series lunchbox with them!

Where's the pad?

The MD-7 does not have a PAD and doesn’t need it. The usual place for the PAD in a conventional circuit is before the input transformer and the big reason why we’ve heard over the years that it changes the sound. With the MD7, the full range and dynamic signal hits the Jensen input transformer first, adding it’s own signature to the sound. The MD7’s additional class A amplifier buffers the INPUT TRIM control for even better adjustment of level compared to a fixed PAD of other conventional microphone preamps.

What is the SEND really used for?

The SEND is an unbalanced (TS) output which is taken after the class A buffer amp, but before the discrete opamp, so you can control the level using the TRIM only. This can be used for interfacing with a variety of guitar and bass pedals and effects and going into them at the correct level without overloading (remember most operate on 9V battery). You can then come back from the effect pedal back into the DI INPUT / RETURN and use the stepped gain for setting the perfect level. The output impedance of the SEND is rated at 300 ohms – strong enough to drive many types of unbalanced inputs like guitar effect pedals. 

Frequency Response <10Hz to -3dB at 75kHz
Mic Input Impedance≅1500 ohms
Line Input Impedance 10k ohms
Output Impedance <75 ohms
DI Input Impedance 10M Ohms
SEND Output Impedance 300 Ohms
Common Mode Rejection Ratio >123dB min @ 60HzMaximum
Output Level +28.8 dBu @ 100KΩ, +27.4 dBu @ 600Ω
Power Requirements ±16 vdc @ 35mA per rail
Gain Voltage 0 to 22 Volts
Gain dB 0 to 64.7 dB
Equivalent Input Noise −114 dBu; Unweighted 300kHz bandwidth
Weight 2.6 lbs / 1.18kg