True Systems Precision 8 8-Channel Mic Preamp  ON SALE

True Systems Precision 8 8-Channel Mic Preamp ON SALE

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New, factory-sealed unit.  One only at this price!

The Precision 8 is designed to provide the detailed, transparent sonic performance necessary for the highest quality direct tracking and live sound applications. It includes a unique combination of features. Two sonically accurate discrete FET instrument inputs (DI's) are available for recording or live sound applications in which realistic, unaffected sound quality is desired. The 5-segment peak-hold level metering with selectable peak reference allows rapid optimization of program levels between the PRECISION 8 and devices to which it is interfaced.

PRECISION 8 is ideal for location recording due to its 8-channel single rack unit format, smooth continuous gain controls, useful level metering, and easy interconnect. The integral MS decoder provides creative spatial image control that is particularly useful in attaining an exciting stereo image with minimum effort and microphone repositioning.

“The Precision 8s sounded amazing. Their fast transient response makes for some very snappy drums. When you watch and listen to the performance on HD DVD or Blue Ray in full 96kHz, 24-bit, 7.1 sound at a respectable volume, it will make your heart race and your hairs stand up!”

John Loose, Dolby Laboratories


“I was quite taken with it. For me, the real test is the classical stuff. They sound terrific. They’re great, and I love them.”

Bart Chiate, Broadcast Mixer, Jimmy Kimmel Show


"The Precision 8 is very transparent sounding and very accurate. It's an excellent piece of equipment."

Marc Fuller, Grammy-nominated for Kanye West’s "College Dropout"


"It was a no-brainer for me. Out of at least a dozen mic pres the True Precision 8 was hands-down the best."

John Feldmann, Frontman for the L.A.-based pop-punk-ska band Goldfinger

• Eight highly transparent solid state microphone preamps in a 1 unit rack configuration
• Challenges the recognized leaders in sonic accuracy and performance
• Built-in M-S (Mid-Side) decoding for creative spatial image control
• Active, high-impedance instrument inputs ("DI's") selectable on two channels
• 5-segment level indicators with peak-hold feature and selectable peak reference
• Smooth continuous gain controls
• Easy interface to MDM's, HDR's, DAW's, or consoles
• Dual DB25/TRS outputs for flexible interconnection
• Elegant, sturdy physical design
• Exceptional cost per channel value


P2 AnalogPRECISION 8 uses a high-voltage composite architecture with discrete devices plus integrated circuits. It offers very low noise and distortion as well as high headroom. The totally balanced dual-servo design eliminates nearly all capacitors in the audio path and is DC-coupled at the output. All this results in a very detailed and transparent sound quality which challenges even the most esoteric microphone preamps.

Gain (microphone): +16 to +64 dB
Gain (direct input): -4 to +44 dB
Frequency Response (gain=40 dB): 1.5 Hz to 500 kHz (+0/-3 dB)
Maximum Output Level: +31 dBu
Maximum Input Level: +15 dBu
Input Impedance (microphone): 5.5 kOhms
Input Impedance (direct input): 2 Mohms
Noise (Rs=0 Ohms): -132 dB e.i.n.
Slew Rate: > 40 V/uS
CMRR (CMV=+10 dBu): 85 dB
Crosstalk: -130 dB
THD (+26 dBu, 100 kOhm): .0008%
Power Requirements: 120VAC, 60 Hz, 44 Watts
Dimensions (chassis):
W=17.4 in. (442 mm)
D =13.4 in. (341 mm)
H =1.74 in. (44.2mm)
Knob extension: 1 in. (25.4 mm)
Weight: 14.5 lbs. (6.6 kg)