Lauten Audio LA-320 LDC Vacuum Tube Microphone Open Box Demo ON SALE

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The Lauten Series Black LA-320 large diaphragm vacuum tube condenser microphone is for general studio and vocal recording. This microphone features a 1″ gold sputtered diaphragm with cardioid polar pattern, dual-triode vacuum tube, 120 Hz low-cut filter, 12 kHz high-cut filter, and transformer balanced output. The low-cut filter helps reduce boomy lows or low-end rumble; the high-cut filter helps to tame bright sources. These features help you to achieve excellent recordings regardless of your skill level.

You are ready for this

You’ve been recording for a while, you’re starting to learn the sonic difference between different microphones, and now you’re ready to enter the world of vacuum tubes. The Series Black Lauten LA320 leads the way into the vacuum tube tone you’ve heard all about. Designed for budding recordists, the LA-320 is the best entry into professional quality recordings with a tube microphone. Easy to use and affordable for anyone to get serious about their sound.

Independent filters clean your tone

The high and low cut filters solves common problems in home, basement or bedroom recording environments. The Lauten LA320 features two independent filters located on the microphone and easy to engage via switches located on the front of the microphone. If the room or source is boomy or you have low-end rumble from sources like road noise, furnace, air conditioner etc, turn on the low-cut filter to minimize the problem. Use the high-cut to roll-off above 12k and tame a bright room or a bright source. You can even use both filters at the same time resolving many problems - before the recording hits your hard drive.

Incredible price performance ratio

Inside the Lauten LA-320 is a 1 inch pressure gradient true-condenser capsule and dual-triode vacuum tube inspired by those used in classic German microphones. Don’t be fooled by the affordability, the LA-320 features high quality components often found in much more expensive microphones. We have used our years of experience to create the best performance for the price of any large diaphragm vacuum tube microphone.

The LA320 comes fully equipped to get you recording with great results fast. Each microphone includes a spider shock mount to isolate the microphone from vibrations, a quality 5-pin tube microphone cable, a custom, stable, dedicated power supply with a selectable mains voltage for use in all countries (100, 115v, 230v etc.), and a durable hard case to keep your microphone safe and clean when not in use.