EbTech LLS-8 8-Channel Line Level Shifter XLR Version ON SALE

EbTech LLS-8 8-Channel Line Level Shifter XLR Version ON SALE

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Transferring and archiving your analog tapes from a Tascam or Fostex analog recorder to digital?  If yes, you need to convert -10dBV output levels like a cassette deck, CD player or synthesizer into high level +4dBu inputs like a multitrack recorder, mixer or DAT machine? Get the Line Level Shifter from Ebtech! 

  • Totally passive circuitry avoids the noise of active electronics
  • Built-in Hum Eliminator breaks ground loops and does away with AC hum

Ebtech's LLS-8 Line Level Shifter is used by recording studios, audio/video production houses, live sound reinforcement companies, computer/multimedia audio producers, radio and television stations and other professional audio companies. The LLS-8's noise-free solution to a common audio connection problem. When time is of the essence and you've got a mismatched piece of gear to connect, just call on the LLS-8!

Passive circuitry avoids noise
The 8-channel LLS-8 Line Level Shifter uses the physics of inductance and impedance matching to increase or decrease the signal voltage without the added noise of active electronics. The Line Level Shifter also converts back and forth between balanced and unbalanced signals automatically. This is great because most -10dBV signals are unbalanced while most +4dBu signals are balanced.

Built-in Hum Eliminator
The LLS-8 Line Level Shifter also solves a second common problem in audio hookups: interference from AC lines - in other words, hum! The LLS-8 contains Ebtech's Hum Eliminator technology built in to break any ground loops that cause AC hum. So your audio signal comes across as clean, balanced and gain-matched!

  • 8 channels of line level conversion from -10dBV to +4dBu, or +4dBu to -10dBV
  • Passive circuitry adds no noise
  • Also converts unbalanced signals to balanced, and vice versa
  • Built-in Ebtech Hum Eliminator breaks ground loops and eradicates hum
  • Frequency response 10Hz to 40kHz!
  • Analog Inputs: 8 - XLR
  • Analog Outputs: 8 - XLR
  • Weight: 9 lbs