Avid Pro Tools Native Thunderbolt Core Includes Pro Tools Ultimate Software

Avid Pro Tools Native Thunderbolt Core Includes Pro Tools Ultimate Software

  • $ 2,999.00

The Avid Pro Tools | HD Native Thunderbolt Core yields the same low latency, high channel count, and pristine audio quality as a PCIe-based HD Native card, but in a compact desktop format. If you own a modern Thunderbolt-equipped computer, this is your Pro Tools | HD rig. This portable recording interface is small enough to fit in your laptop case, & runs on Thunderbolt bus power. Its headphone output is perfect for mobile editing. The Avid Pro Tools | HD Native Thunderbolt Core comes bundled with the latest version of Avid's Pro Tools | Ultimate software.

Pro Tools | HD Native takes advantage of current computers by offering the top features of Pro Tools | Ultimate software, minus the DSP-accelerated plug-ins. On the strictly hardware side, your Pro Tools | HD Native Thunderbolt gives you blazing fast I/O, near-zero latency, automatic delay compensation, and full integration with Avid's HD line of interfaces, leaving your CPU to handle plug-ins and mixing. If you're budget-minded but you still demand results from your DAW, and have a high-power computer with Thunderbolt connectivity, then Pro Tools | HD Native is perfect for you.

Pro Tools | Ultimate software - the industry standard DAW

Other than DSP-accelerated plug-in support, Pro Tools | Ultimate software runs the same with a Pro Tools | HD Native Thunderbolt system as it does with a Pro Tools | HDX system. You get 256 audio tracks, as well as 7.1 surround sound support, exclusive plug-ins such as HEAT, advanced editing functions, superior delay compensation, and expanded video implementation. In addition to that, you get support for advanced S6 features like waveform views, breakpoint automation views, and higher-level automation features. And if you're stepping up from a non-HD Pro Tools system, you'll get all of the plug-ins you already know and love, plus incredible sound quality that you've never experienced before.

  • Connects to computer via Thunderbolt
  • 2 x DigiLink Mini ports are compatible with Avid HD interfaces, as well as specialized third-party interfaces
  • Front-mounted headphone output allows you to monitor and edit anywhere
  • Serial port interfaces with SYNC HD
  • Provides 64 channels of I/O with under 1.6ms latency
  • Supports Core Audio and ASIO applications
  • Includes Pro Tools | Ultimate software